Becky Shepherd

Becky Shepherd graduated from The University of Leeds with a first class BA honours 'Textiles for Fashion' degree. Her final year degree collection appeared in an exhibition alongside renowned textile artists in Wigan. She is passionate about innovation, mixed media textile processes and challenging the boundaries between art and fashion.

Since university I have been fascinated by the power of Fashion and Textiles in today's world. Just as a painting can evoke a range of emotions, I believe we should not underestimate the power of Textiles and Fashion on the individual too.

Consequently through my dissertation and final collection at university I chose to examine and challenge whether

"Fashion can be seen as an art form?"

To explore the concept I developed my own unique style of mixed media textiles. I am particularly inspired by unconventional designers and textile artists including Paco Rabanne and Freddie Robins. Also I like to take inspiration from nature; from the weird and exciting forms found in coral to the life and beauty that we can only see through the lens of a microscope.

I chose to specialise in knit, re-inventing the traditional technique by using innovative materials such as wire, raffia and rope. Experimenting with colour, contrast and scale is also key to my work. I want it to jump out at the spectator and I want to add a sense of fun and soul to my textiles that reflects my personality. Moreover I let the findings from my dissertation guide my whole design development process thus I could create designs with meaning.

I love creating three dimensional textile pieces with which I can create my own 'fabric'. In turn this is created into one off pieces of 'wearable art' as I like to call them, that have the option of being worn or displayed in art galleries. I like to think that my designs break the boundaries and preconceptions of what individuals think clothing and art should be used for. I believe that although they can be worn this should not detract from the artistic thought that goes into their development.

The question is do you think Fashion and Textiles can be seen as art?

work by Becky Shepherd
work by Becky Shepherd
work by Becky Shepherd
work by Becky Shepherd

I am also passionate about drawing from my textile pieces, creating exciting compositions through collage. For example with pencil, photographs, stitch, paper, spray-paint and acetate.

Currently I have started working on a range of wearable art/fashion accessories. I want the individual to have a say in the design process, therefore providing them with a one off piece exclusive to them.

Furthermore I want to continue exploring the power of Fashion and Textiles as an art form through new mixed media textile processes and I would like to write more on this subject and other related topics. I am currently looking at publishing my dissertation and I would love to exhibit my work more.

Solving briefs and developing initial ideas to final outcomes is a challenge and voyage of discovery I love to go through. Accordingly if you would like to discuss any commissions, collaborations, information or about buying my work please contact me.

Phone: 07854 758629
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