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Kimberley Adams

Kimberley Adams is a graduate of University of Wales Institute Cardiff. "Currently my work is engaged in the exploration of 'the gaze' and the image of the 'self'..."

Jenny Arnott

Jenny Arnott has a degree in Textile Design from Winchester School of Art. "I try to keep my work fun and cheerful. I simply want to create lovely things that people will enjoy..."

Linda Barlow

Linda Barlow is a textile artist based in Shropshire. "I am drawn to quilt making with its slow, repetitive rhythms and the fact that, historically, it has existed outside conventional art practice and as such has been the unrestricted voice of women..."

Clare Burchell

Clare Burchell is a graduate of the University College of the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey. "The dramatic change of the seasons in Cornwall plays an important role in my work, particularly with my use of colour and textures..."

Peggy Dembicer

Peggy Dembicer is a contemporary American artist. "I continue to explore the possibilities in mixing media. My recent pieces have incorporated felting techniques, gel medium, polymers, beads, metal, wire and stones in combination..."

Becky Howson

Becky Howson is a textile artist and designer specialising in printed and embroidered textiles, based in Birmingham, UK. "I develop imagery by celebrating everyday objects that may be taken for granted such as an old pair of shoes or a well-worn handbag..."

Rachel Hutchinson

Rachel Hutchinson is a textile artist from County Antrim based at Blick Shared Studios in Belfast. "Using old objects and fabrics, I imagine that a story is contained within every warp and weft of the material..."

Rachael Jordan

Rachael Jordan has a degree in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth, and currently lives in Southsea. "The main themes within my work are science based, with interests also in human nature and phenomena, biology, the unconscious mind, and popular culture...."

Lesley Kaye

Lesley Kaye is a textile artist who studied her Interdisciplinary Art and Design Degree at Huddersfield University. "Throughout my studies and research into different aspects of art I found myself inspired by Japanese art and culture..."

Wai-Yuk Kennedy

Wai-Yuk Kennedy studied painting for her fine art degree but gradually moved back to working with textiles, which was always her first love. "Much of my current work is on a small, jewellery-sized scale but my ambition is always to make each one stand up as a work of art in its own right..."

Vikki Lafford

Vikki Lafford is a freelance textile designer and graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University and Chelsea College of Art and Design. "I am inspired by the fairy tales, folklore, romanticism and nature I appreciated as a child. I create feminine, elegantly detailed, hand crafted clothing and accessories in luxury fabrics..."

Maximo Laura

Maximo Laura is a 5th generation Peruvian tapestry weaver born in Ayacucho, Peru, following the Wari textile tradition. "My work is the development of a rich, fascinating and ancient historical Andean textile foundation in symbiosis with innovations in tapestry around the world..."

Rebecca Mason

Rebecca Mason is a textile/mixed media artist living and working in Cornwall. "I don't ever want people to think that art is out of their reach. Fantastic art should be available to everyone..."

Samantha Milner-Eradhun

Samantha Milner-Eradhun is studying Contemporary Textile Practices at the Norwich School of Art and Design. "I am curious and inspired by the mysteries of the mind of animals and children... I have explored this in the technique of appliqué and reverse appliqué, layers upon layers..."

Joanna Neil

Joanna Neil graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 1997 with a fine art degree in painting and has recently been drawn to textiles, particularly feltmaking. "For me felt is the ideal medium to explore my ideas because of its 'range'. It can be sculptural, painterly, textural or minimal..."

Ruth Norbury

Ruth Norbury has been embroidering since she was a child, starting with kits and slowly making the work she produces today. "I want people who see my work to react to it; I spent a long time making 'nice' embroideries and I don't care if people love my new style or hate it, I just don't want it to be 'nice'..."

Deepa Panchamia

Deepa Panchamia is a graduate of Nottingham Trent University. "Radiating a natural organic quality, my collection exhibits a strong linear wave motion that is detailed yet controlled; energetic yet coherent..."

Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold develops her art practice in both Whitstable and London, with frequent trips to Argentina to visit relatives and gather inspiration. "My work is concerned with origins, journeys and destinations..."

Diane Rogers

Diane Rogers is a textile artist/designer who graduated from Loughborough University with a BA in Textiles/Fashion. "I particularly like the smooth lustrous qualities of silk and enjoy the discord between the properties of silk as a medium and my subject matter..."

Suparna Sengupta

Suparna Sengupta is a designer and artist from India. "My textile artworks are mainly inspired from the vividness of nature's wonderful creations of colours, shades, contrasts and its blends, textures and diffusions..."

Becky Shepherd

Becky Shepherd has a degree in 'Textiles for Fashion' from The University of Leeds. "I like to think that my designs break the boundaries and preconceptions of what individuals think clothing and art should be used for..."

Sarah Symes

Sarah Symes is a full-time contemporary abstract textile artist. "I am fascinated by the elemental beauty of California's west coast, and find inspiration in the ever-changing beach landscape..."

Karen Turner

Karen Turner devotes her time to stitching textile art, working in the East Riding of Yorkshire. "I stitch entirely by hand, as this is the only way I can feel truly connected with the growing cloth..."

Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward is a practising designer-maker working with recycled textiles under the name ReMake. "Old textiles fascinate me, not just beautiful antique textiles, but everyday discarded clothing and textiles with imperfections..."