History of English Embroidery

Helen Cowans' blog serialising her dissertation on the "History of English Embroidery 900AD - the present"

America's Quilting History, Quilt Styles and Quilting Myths

explores the history of quilts and the lives of their makers

"All about Felt"

a brief overview of feltmaking history from 1-art-1.com

International Quilt Study Center

at the University of Nebraska

Anne Wanner's Textiles in History

research and information, including images, articles and reviews; site for the Embroidery Group of CIETA (Centre International d'Etude des Textiles Anciens)

Slips- Late 16th/ Early 17th C. Embroidery

by Meg Andrews - images, information, further reading, and where to see examples

Viking Embroidery

article on stitches and motifs, with diagrams and bibliography

A Stitch Out of Time

medieval textiles - images and links

NGA - Textiles from the Index of American Design

watercolour renderings of American historical textiles, includes information about the textiles themselves and detailed images

Stefan's Florilegium

information about historical textiles compiled from creative anachronism newgroups

Flowers of Silk and Gold

Ottoman textiles, online gallery and associated learning materials

related books in association with amazon.co.uk

Textiles and Text (Postprints)

Textiles and Text (Postprints)

Woven into the Earth: Textile Finds in Norse Greenland (None None)

Woven into the Earth: Textile Finds in Norse Greenland (None None)
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