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Calling all aspiring designers!

A BBC Blast competition gives you the opportunity to combine your artistic skills with your eco-passions

Working within the boundaries of Ethical Fashion, we’re challenging you to create a new accessory or article of clothing from an old piece of denim.

Customising your denim can mean anything from embellishing a jacket with sequins and ribbons to giving your jeans a whole new lease of life as a top, a belt or even a bag. Competition entries will be judged on design concept (with marks for effort!); innovation and environmental awareness.

BBC Blast workshopBBC Blast workshop

Visit the BBC Blast website for tips on designs as well as to upload a picture of your own creation and have a snoop at entries that have already come in.

The competition deadline is June 2007 after which entries will be judged by industry experts including Wayne Hemmingway. Finalists will be invited to attend a masterclass where a winner will be chosen. The prize is a mentoring experience with a leading fashion designer during which the winner will design and make a garment and see it showcased at the Paris Ethical Fashion Show in October 2007.

BBC Blast’s competition has been inspired by a growing awareness in the world of fashion that our clothes buying should not sell others short. Throughout summer 2006, BBC Blast ran workshops with fashion designers whose work is based on one or more elements of sustainable design. These include working oversees with local people to set up fair trade co-operatives and businesses; sourcing material from organic farms and customising existing garments.

The Blast website gives more information about Ethical Fashion and gives you the opportunity to meet some of the designers.