about TextileArts.net

TextileArts.net focuses on the practice and study of textiles as an art form. At the heart of TextileArts.net is a directory of links to high-quality textile arts sites and resources. The sites are all chosen for their relevance to textile artists, students, researchers and historians. Around this hub we will be building resources for the art textiles community: internet resources - discussion forums, email lists, email addresses, web space; information - product reviews, book reviews, articles on technique and design; and showcases: an online gallery, simple web pages, individually crafted web sites. To find out more about any of these, please .


artists, students, teachers, researchers, enthusiasts, suppliers ... you?


to build a virtual arts centre for creative textiles, a place where people can meet, share and learn, find resources and supplies, showcase their work. If this inspires you, please with your ideas for how it could take shape, and let's make it happen.

what we can do...

textile resources: links, gallery, articles, reviews, supplies
networking: discussion lists, bulletin boards, shared spaces
web building: email services, web hosting, web design, e-business

If you want to know when things are happening here, send email to , or fill in your details below (this will only be used to tell you of new developments at TextileArts.net.)