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All suppliers whom we consider relevant to our target community may be listed free in our links directory. Please submit your URL for consideration through the submit URL link. We review all submissions to ensure their quality and relevance before adding them to the database. To maintain our focus, if we feel that your business is on the edge of what is about we may not include it in the main directory. In particular, we are unlikely to list businesses who primarily sell kits and patterns. However, we may also develop a section for related links, if there is a demand, and you can indicate on the submission form if you would like a listing there.

As Textile grows, we hope to attract advertising from suppliers relevant to our community. We will offer a number of advertising models to suit different needs, including sponsorship, pay-per-view and pay-per-clickthrough. We can provide you with a simple web page if you don't already have a site, or carry a banner link or special listing if you do. To find out more about advertising here, do please get in touch.