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Cas Holmes

Paper, Textiles and Mixed Media

Cas trained in fine arts and works between the disciplines of painting, drawing and textiles. Salvaged materials are torn, cut and re-assembled to create mixed media pieces which draw their inspiration from 'hidden' or 'overlooked' observations of daily life.

She makes reference to the views from windows, the weeds and flora on the verges of roadsides and the places where our gardens meet the landscape. This relationship between 'Urban' and 'Nature' has been informed by stories of her Romany grandmother, old and forgotten textiles, and the natural cycle of growth, decay and renewal.

Working with 'stitch sketching', she seeks to capture a moment or thing before it is gone. Cas produces artworks for public and private spaces and is represented in major collections including Arts Council England, Museum of Art and Design New York and the Embroiderer's Guild.

Mitch Robertson, The Beaney Gallery

Her work often contains snippets of text or discarded materials that have associations or conjure up memories. There is always a dialogue with the materials she uses. They bring their own history which is woven into the work. These collections of ephemera might seem meaningless but their apparent banality is open-ended. They are available to stimulate the imagination through the poetry of ordinariness.Everything has a connection and each viewer makes their own connections.

Moira Vincentelli

(See my statement for further information).

This website is kindly hosted by www.textilearts.net and archives my work from 2005-2015.

work by Cas Holmes
Corn Field

I work in the public context, teaching and consultancy work as well as on exhibitions and art projects, seeking to develop ideas and individual responses as part of the visual arts experience. I am a member of the British textile group, www.arttextilesmadeinbritain.co.uk. My ongoing interest in sustainable practice and issues surrounding the environment is reflected in an ongoing theme in my work Urban Nature and in my continued association with plantlife www.plantlife.org.

Personal narratives, issues of sustainable practice and individual themes connected to the landscape and the everyday are reflected in my publications 'The Found Object in Textile Art' (2010), 'Stitch Stories' (2015) and 'Connected Cloth,' (co-author Anne Kelly 2013 ). See My Books for more information. Find links to my other on-line presence on www.casholmestextiles.co.uk (blog/facebook/pinterest).

The site's images and text are protected under copyright - please contact me via this link to use or reproduce them.

work by Cas Holmes
Red Bowl

work by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmes
Book of Changes 'Folded Tea' and Remnants from not so Ordinary Lives 180x120cm
Billboard: Creative Maidstone
Photo credit: Manu Palomeque

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