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Cas Holmes

Collaborations and Commissions

I make pieces for public and private spaces, free hanging mixed media textiles, as well as smaller be-spoke works and objects for gifts and special events.

The challenge of creating works for different spaces is open to all kinds of possibilities, and I have made installations and public art pieces for hospitals, community spaces, museums and the workplace.

The use of 'found' and 'everyday' materials is a part of the process of making. Tea-Flora-Tales is an example of a collaboration started at the Knitting and Stitching Show involving hundreds of people who have made their own 'tale' of a special place to add to this 'daisy chain' piece as it tours. It is great to receive small pieces in the post and in my daily contact with people. Further informations on venues, including the Knitting and Stitching Show, The Beaney Museum Canterbury and European Patchwork Meeting on Urban Nature link on my blog. If you are interested in hosting this piece please contact me.

Dandelion Roots

Cuttings (front cover of Connected Cloth) one of a series of 5, in house of private buyer


Works in collections include Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Arts Council England, The Embroiderers' Guild UK, West Dean College (Edward James Foundation), Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery, The Leonard Cheshire Foundation, Compton Verney House Trust, Rochester Cathedral and the Quilt und Art Gallery Frankfurt.

Bluebell (Represented in the Embroiderers' Guild Collection)

If you are interested in commissioning or purchasing a piece of work, please contact me to discuss details and price.

Examples of Collaborations

work by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmes

work by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmes

work by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmeswork by Cas Holmes

work by Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly
Cas Holmes Imperfect Plant (back) and Anne Kelly Whole Moth Tablecloth 1 and 2 (foreground)

folding book
Walk of Art

See further examples of commissions, private and public, on Flickr.

Museums and Public Spaces

I often work on collaborative outreach and artist-in-residence projects.

Office workers moved their hand through 'Red Rain', an installation in an office building, almost from the minute it was placed on the stairwell. Constructed from old teabags it is a reminder of the refreshing qualities of a good cup of tea...and of good rain! The work was exhibited in several workspaces including Kings Hill with Arts and Business and at the Maidstone Studios in 2011 with FrancisKnight Arts Partnership. At Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery, I worked with a community group to create an installation as part of exciting temporary exhibition,exploring the theme of textiles old and new, and how this relates to sustainability.

textile installation
Red Rain at Maidstone Studios

A follow on installation, Alice in Wonderland, showcased some of the unique objects from the Museum's costume collection, alongside contemporary artwork created by professional textile artists in an environment created by Jane Churchill and museum staff. (Artists also featured in the installation: Anna Coccidaferro and Heather Zeale.)

I was commissioned to create a mixed media textile 'Natural History' for Sevenoaks 'Kaleidoscope' Gallery, Museum and Library. This public art piece reflected the local flora, landscape and history of Sevenoaks and used contributions and materials given by local people.

Resonant Textiles

Ongoing collaboration 'Resonant Textiles' with artist Anne Kelly as a means to develop studio practice, produce new work, and exhibit. Our book 'Connected Cloth', Batsford publications will be published in Autumn 2013. See My Books for more information.

We like to use discarded items, waste material no longer considered useful. Our work is informed by personal experience, places visited, the local landscape, old and forgotten textiles. Fabrics, found objects and papers are exchanged broken down, torn, and cut, and then re-assembled to create new textile art from old.

folding book
Remnants and Honourable Women


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